Latest Articles of Faith Jeopardy

We have been working on our Articles of Faith in Activity Days.  This was a really fun game to review the ones they know and work on the ones they still need to learn.  I have to saw I was impressed with how much they knew.  I had some tough questions and they knew them! And who doesn't love Jeopardy?!?! I tried to make everything easy and color coordinated for a quick set up.  Print and cut.  Glue the questions to the back of the number.  Each question card has 100-500 written in the corner so you know which number to glue it to.  Also there is an answer key for quick reference. Here's a look at each category:  What's missing: Each question will have a list and one of the words is missing. I am showing you this one because I accidentally left out 2 words-apostles & teachers.  The others will only have 1 word missing.  They can give you the numbers or just say the sentence.  So this one would be  3, 2, 1, 4  Just like it sounds.  Show them the card and have them recite the verse. Here's the size of board I used.  It will also fit (if everything is pushed really close) on a white poster board but you will not have room for the title.  Or you can use magnets on the white board or simply put them on the floor. You can download the set here Adorable graphics from Melonheadz, Mather's Music, and  fonts by Hello Literacy Continue Reading..

Articles of Faith Jeopardy

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