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I present to your attention a sack of good mood. Use it at home for interior decoration or as part of a gift. It can be filled with gifts, sweets, various herbs for a magical aroma in your home. And you can also make a surprise for your loved ones: put not just candy, but attach notes to them. For example, a declaration of love or a good morning wish. It's so great when our friends and family smile at us! You get a video tutorial and a pattern for knitting at once. In this video tutorial, you will learn: 1 to type loops on the spokes, 2 type loops on the knitting needles when knitting double-sided jacquard, 3 close the loops in a circular knitting pattern, 4 knit the front loop, 5 knit the wrong loop, 6 knit double-sided jacquard according to the scheme, 7 close the circular knitting, 8 hide the thread tails, 9 stitch the edges of the product. And you will also learn the mistakes in circular knitting and in the set of loops for double-sided jacquard. The PDF file contains 4 images: 1 pattern on a light background, 2 pattern on dark background, 3 and 4 duplicate pattern 1 and 2, in addition, they contain information about the number of loops of the pattern itself and the number of loops between the pattern. You will tie such a sack in 1-3 days and be sure to please yourself and your loved ones! Contents: - video tutorial in english, - a PDF file with a link to the pattern, - instructions, - and a PDF file and Word file with ideas of notes in Russian and English for a ready-made sack of good mood. A huge plus of this product - it is small. You will knit it quickly, even if you have never knitted it before. Also, such a small size of the product is suitable for sending a gift by mail. The size of the finished product: width-7.68", height-10.04" with a knitting density of 21 loops for 33 rows (4" by 4"). If the knitting density does not match, then divide your knitting density by mine and multiply the resulting coefficient by the total number of loops and rows. This way you will correct the data. In this free bonus, there will be notes to the closest and dearest people for us all: mom, dad, son, daughter, beloved, husband, wife, friend and girlfriend. You can print a ready-made version of the notes, or make changes and print your notes. Please note!!! All the schemes of our store are tested when knitting various things. The data is intended for knitting and / or cross-stitch. But please remember that the look and feel of the product look different. It depends on a huge number of factors: tools, materials, knitting density, whether you are knitting or cross-stitch, and so on. All files are intended for personal use only. They cannot be used for commercial purposes. Cannot be published without the author's consent. They cannot be transferred for use to other persons. They cannot be copied in whole or in part. Continue Reading..

VIDEO TUTORIAL, Simple diagram, Pattern for knitting, Pattern for embroidery, Scheme for knitting, Scheme for embroidery, Lips, Lip pattern

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