Great Way to changing paradigms and shit.

it is a blessing when your peers not only acknowledge your vision + work but write articles + blog about it. huge thanks to my peers at the huffington post, the washington post, washington city paper, washington business journal, npr, essence magazine, vice, buzzfeed, saint heron, afropunk, and all the bloggers who continue the shine light on the doers|creators|makers of our generation. it is of absolute necessity that we (melanated millennials) have a home within all publications if solely to support brands that reflect our existence. you are magic. i am humbled. | dvf s|o @goldwomyn + @distrikdc + @howtokim + @monlinglee + @byt + @mykieintheraw + @jadoredc + @modernstitches + elevationdc + #capitalcommunitynews + #hillrag + #popville + @raimonique + all for sharing @nomadyard. #nufflove #xoDVF #dc #shopsmall #shoplocal #rp

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changing paradigms and shit.

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