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Etsy SEO Planner, 16 Printable Pages | Created by #ammarosedesigns ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ “Love it! Actually goes into detail on how to boost SEO. Thank you!” This planner - The Etsy SEO - was designed out of my desire to stop feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my SEO and keyword research. I would spend countless hours searching through how-to blog posts and video, only to come out more confused! With everyone pointing me in different directions, I decided to sit down and work through it myself. This tool has helped me and my Etsy shop finally show up on Etsy searches and gain more traffic, and I’m so excited that I’m able to share it here on Etsy so all my fellow shop owners can build their businesses into something they are proud of! This Etsy SEO Planner contains all of the key planning sheets you’ll need to organize your keyword research, do competitor analysis, keep your keywords organized so they don’t repeat, plugging your keywords into your listings, and optimizing your Etsy shop! You’ll notice that our planners are designed to look elegant and to function beautifully with enough space for hole punching on either side. The beautiful thing about printables? You can use them again and again! Print them off at home, at a print shop, onto recycled paper, fancy paper...whatever you like! ▶︎ ▶︎ ALSO AVAILABLE - DIGITAL VERSION ▶︎ ▶︎ LIST OF PAGES 1 - Cover Page (3 Options) 2 - Copyright, Legal Notice, and Disclaimer 3 - What Is SEO? 4 - Etsy SEO Mindmap (2 Pages) 5 - Keyword Topics 6 - Keyword Brainstorming 7 - Keyword and Tag Research 8 - Competitor’s Keywords (2 pages) 9 - Targeted Keyword List 10 - Keywords in Product Descriptions 11 - Listing Planner 12 - Etsy SEO Checklist (2 Pages) 13 - Keyword Research Resources ▶︎ ▶︎ FREEBIES This planner comes with multiple EXCLUSIVE freebies at absolutely no additional cost to you! + Etsy SEO Planner Binder Tabs (that are already filled out and ready to print!) + Etsy SEO Resource Guide (get an inside look on what I use for my Etsy SEO) + Cell Phone Wallpaper Design + Desktop Wallpaper Design ▶︎ ▶︎ HOW TO ORDER 1 - Add this listing to your cart by clicking “Add to Cart” 2 - Submit your payment information and “Order” 3 - After you complete your order, you will see the link for downloading the files. They will be available in your purchase area ( 4 - Download the files. 5 - After downloading the files, you can print as many copies of the planner as you want at home or at any commercial printer of your choice. 6. Fill up + use it! I hope you enjoy! ▶︎ ▶︎ DETAILS + Letter Size Pages - 8.5” X 11”, fits 8.5” X 11” 3-hole binders + A4 Pages - 8.26” X 11.69” + A5 Pages - 5.8" X 8.3" + Instant Download PDF Files, very easy and no more worries! + This product can be printed at home or professionally ▶︎ ▶︎ WHAT YOU GET + 1st PDF - Etsy SEO Planner in US Letter size (16 Pages) + 2nd PDF - Etsy SEO Planner in A4 size (16 Pages) + 3rd PDF - Etsy SEO Planner in A5 size (16 Pages) + 4th File (.zip) - includes Etsy SEO Planner Binder Tabs, Etsy SEO Resources Guide, Cell Phone Wallpaper, Desktop Wallpaper + 5th PDF - Printing Guide (1 Page) PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this PDF planner, no physical copy will be shipped. Remember to select the ❤ FAVORITE button on the right to save this product! ▶︎ ▶︎ DO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR PLANNER FILLABLE? Would you rather type directly into your planner for a cleaner look? Follow the link below to make any AmmaRoseDesigns planner Fillable! ▶︎ ▶︎ LEARN ABOUT ETSY SEO YOURSELF - The Etsy SEO Formula An all-inclusive series of video tutorials and walkthroughs that shows you EXACTLY what I do to show up on the first page of Etsy results. Get access to this one of a kind course jam-packed with actionable and proven tactics that will boost your traffic, improve your Etsy shop sales, and finally get you on track to achieving your big goals! ▶︎ ▶︎ ADDITIONAL NOTES + Due to the instant nature of this transaction, I cannot offer refund or exchanges on your purchase. However, if you have any problems with the download or file, please contact me here on Etsy and I’ll help to resolve it as quickly as possible! + Due to variations in monitors, web viewing devices and printers, the colors shown on your screen may vary slightly from the actual printed file. + If you have any questions, please message me! Follow me on Social Media: Instagram: @amma.rose Pinterest: Happy Planning, ♡ Amma Rose Designs For Personal Use Only: You may not use these files for commercial use; they may not be shared, resold, recreated, copied, redistributed, or reproduced for any purpose without the expressed permission from the artist. Tag: etsy shop, seo planner, business planner, seo strategies, keyword research, etsy seo, etsy planner, etsy business, etsy shop help, seo help, seo keywords, seo optimization, seo worksheet Continue Reading..

SEO Planner | Etsy SEO Planner | Etsy Business | SEO Strategies | Keyword Research | Etsy Planner | Etsy Business | Etsy Shop Help

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