Great The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies for Online College

On this page, you’ll find everything you need for online schooling. I’ve spent hours curating a list of items that will increase your productivity, reduce the health risks from sitting and staring at your computer all day, and also usher you comfort while handling your daily tasks. The items recommended here are both high-quality and inexpensive. I’ve checked them out! Disclosure: The Jampearl Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This means that I may receive some commission if you purchase anything through the link provided at no additional cost to you. P.S. — There’s only so much that the right tools can do for you. If you want to ace this semester successfully. If you want to ensure you’re getting straight A’s and develop all-round in an online school, consider reading my book on setting yourself up for success. It’s completely free and you can download it below. Computer Gear HP Envy Laptop Buy on Amazon The HP Envy Series Laptops are just amazing. I have one and it’s served me really well as an engineering student. iPad Buy on Amazon Digital note-taking is the new thing. Especially when schooling online, you want to be as organized as possible and be able to easily retrieve your notes. With the iPad, you can use the GoodNotes app to take great notes. External Monitor Buy on Amazon Having an external monitor can increase your productivity by 30%. It’s a known fact. You no longer have to split your laptop screen into two to view two apps.  Wireless Mouse Buy on Amazon This is a no-brainer. The more wireless stuff you have. The better. Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones Buy on Amazon Maybe you’re at home with family or your in school with a bunch of noisemakers. This baby here will save you from stress, headache and having to deal with people when you don’t want to. It’ll also keep you focused. Wireless Keyboard Buy on Amazon Wireless is always better for organization and also for ergonomics. Laptop Stand Buy on Amazon For the days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed but don’t want to hurt your posture. A laptop stand to your rescue! Portable 2TB Hard Drive Buy on Amazon Cloud storage is great but you need to have a backup of your backup Printer Buy on Amazon If you’re no longer visiting the school campus, you probably don’t have access to printers anymore. Now is the best time to get yours! Mouse Pad Buy on Amazon It just feels better. Desk Stuff Ergonomic Chair Buy on Amazon I’ve experienced back-pain firsthand from working at home without an ergonomic chair. This is definitely a MUST-HAVE! Save your back, invest in an ergonomic chair. Adjustable Standing Desk Buy on Amazon Sitting for long isn’t good for your health and posture. Sometimes you need to stand while working. With this product, you can easily switch from sitting to standing without breaking the bank. Standing Anti-Fatigue Desk Mat Buy on Amazon To go along with the standing desk. Desk Lamp Buy on Amazon For your studying needs … Under-Desk Tray Buy on Amazon Store those pesky small items School Supplies Dry Erase Board / White Board Buy on Amazon I can’t do school without a whiteboard. I use it to quickly capture tasks and see my daily tasks at a glance while working. Cork Bulletin Board Buy on Amazon Pin all the important stuff Dry Erase Calendar Buy on Amazon Write down your assignment due dates and events coming up. Even though you use a digital calendar, a physical one is also great to have. Dry Erase Markers Buy on Amazon For your dry erase board and calendar Stylus Pen Buy on Amazon Get a stylus pen no matter the device you’re using. Highlighters Buy on Amazon For marking the important stuff. P.S. Don’t highlight your whole book, there’s no point doing that! Sticky Notes Buy on Amazon Stick notes everywhere!. On your books, on your PC, on your refrigerator, on your bed, your head, your food, everywhere! Post-it Flags Buy on Amazon Keep your books neat when marking up pages. Mechanical Pencils Buy on Amazon Ditch the sharpeners. There’s a new revolution. Notebooks Buy on Amazon We all need this… at some point! Engineering Paper Buy on Amazon If you’re an engineering student, click the link below. NOW! Other Useful Items Bluetooth Speaker Buy on Amazon Everyone needs a speaker for those days you want to jam in your room or feel like you’re really at the movies. Smart Speaker Buy on Amazon Simplify your life a bit. Get a personal assistant. Blue-Light Filter Glasses Buy on Amazon Protect your eyes. You’ll be staring at a screen probably 90% of the time. I have prescribed glasses. Trust me, it’s not fun but I’ve added some blue-light filter to my lens now. It’s not too late for you though. Get some blue-light filter glasses for yourself! More Back-to-School Articles Continue Reading..

The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies for Online College

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