New First Take, and The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Thursday, 10/24/13 | The MarTech Digest

First Take, and The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Thursday, 10/24/13

Jerry was adamant. “You can’t submit a budget based on rhetoric and projections pulled directly from your rear end.” Sam had already argued about the need to transition Marketing to a data-driven function that would ultimately drive more revenue from their database of 120,000 targets, but Jerry was having none of it: “Sales has already signed up to the numbers, and all you have to do is put in place those things you need to help them, same way as last year.” Sam’s success last year became a roadblock. Sam suspected that the same way last year just wasn’t going to cut it: prospects were getting smarter about products and services, competition was already moving in a data-driven direction, and there were already signs that “the same way” was starting to fall off. Jerry wasn’t buying. “I’m not getting through to this fucking guy,” Sam muttered. The budget wasn’t terribly radical…from a B2B marketer’s point of view. But it was radically different from what was done in the past, and Jerry needed more evidence that the addition of a marketing automation package, a comprehensive social monitoring and measurement package, the addition of a social media manager and a data analyst, and a change of agencies was quantifiably justified. “Yeah,” Sam thought. “This was too much for Jerry to grasp.” Back to the drawing board. Marketing technology…NOW! Today’s curated articles summarized for your quick review:-- > Customer Experience Matrix: Marketing Automation User Satisfaction: Clearly, There's Room for Improvement > How to Get People to Share Your Content | Reputation Capital > Digital Trends for 2014 - Innovation Excellence > How to Use Gamification in Your Content Marketing Plan - Zerys > Google To Upgrade All To Universal Analytics, But There's A D-I-Y Upgrade Tool Coming First - Marketing Land > 4 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Copy More Persuasive - Unbounce > Social Media on the Rise - A Glimpse into the Future [Infographic] - Wishpond > Analyze This: Learn Marketing Analytics in a Week - Act-On > The Future of SEO and What it Means for Inbound Marketing [SlideShare] - HubSpot > SEC Gets Closer to Opening Up Crowdfunding - AllThingsD > The art & science of email marketing for maximum ROI - Brafton > The Essential Guide To Writing Amazing, Quite Clickable Email Subject Lines - Fast Company > The Modern Day Marketer | > The Tweet Life [INFOGRAPHIC] - Social Media Explorer See ALL Top Curated Marketing Technology Articles here. ___________________________________-Receive a FREE daily summary of The Marketing Technology Alert directly to your inbox. To subscribe, please go to (your privacy is protected).-If you like this post or any of the scoops from The Marketing Technology Alert (brought to you by iNeoMarketing), PLEASE share by using the links below. | The MarTech Digest Continue Reading..

First Take, and The Top 14 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Thursday, 10/24/13 | The MarTech Digest

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